Tip: Giving Mother Earth the Christmas gift that keeps on giving… no wrap!

13 Dec

I just finished wrapping a few presents and thought this would be a good time to advocate NOT using gift wrap.

To help make my case, a random statistic I found on some random website: If every American family wrapped just one gift a year in fabric, the paper saved could paper 15,000 football fields!

Why we would WANT to paper football fields (or how) is beyond me. And if you try to segue into asking me not to use toilet paper, you will definitely have lost a convert.

But still… I think the message is: let’s try to cut back on gift wrap because it’s a horrible splash in the pan that ends up in a landfill.

You don’t have to sell me – I actually like the way my gifts look (old fashioned) when I wrap them with grocery store paper bags and recycled ribbon:

It makes me feel a little “Martha Stewart” (minus the inside trading charges) to get crafty with my gifts like this. (Side note: a shout out to Trader Joe’s for printing their bags in way that makes them festive without turning them inside out – as evidenced by that far-right gift in the photo above.)

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