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Tip: Giving Mother Earth the Christmas gift that keeps on giving… no wrap!

13 Dec

I just finished wrapping a few presents and thought this would be a good time to advocate NOT using gift wrap.

To help make my case, a random statistic I found on some random website: If every American family wrapped just one gift a year in fabric, the paper saved could paper 15,000 football fields!

Why we would WANT to paper football fields (or how) is beyond me. And if you try to segue into asking me not to use toilet paper, you will definitely have lost a convert.

But still… I think the message is: let’s try to cut back on gift wrap because it’s a horrible splash in the pan that ends up in a landfill.

You don’t have to sell me – I actually like the way my gifts look (old fashioned) when I wrap them with grocery store paper bags and recycled ribbon:

It makes me feel a little “Martha Stewart” (minus the inside trading charges) to get crafty with my gifts like this. (Side note: a shout out to Trader Joe’s for printing their bags in way that makes them festive without turning them inside out – as evidenced by that far-right gift in the photo above.)

You know you’ve done this.

19 Aug

Last night I was being lazy, so instead of making dinner, I simply heated my oven and popped in frozen Tarte d’Alsace from Trader Joe.

(Don’t know what that is? Then keep walking… nothing to see here folks… There is NO way I’m turning you onto these because they already sell out like mad. It’s like referring someone to your dentist, only to NEVER get to book another appointment again. I’m not doing it.)

Anyway…  there I am all craving a Tarte d’Alsace, so I reach into my freezer, pull out one of the TWO boxes I have on hand (due to awesome planning), and…


There are MUSHROOMS on this box. (Not actually growing on it – just in the picture.)

But still: A Tarte d’Alsace involves three things: cheese, bacony ham, and onions. NOT mushrooms.

I study the box for a second, then check my freezer – same deal.

All of a sudden it becomes clear to me: Trader Joe’s is filming a pedestrian version of Punk’d – in which real consumers grab products from their dedicated place – only to get home and realize they have been PUNK’D.

It’s like going to the milk section, reaching for your usual suspect and getting home to realize you’ve been duped into buying soy milk.

Well, let me tell you: I can’t wait to watch that video. Or punch the jackass that moved my Tarte d’Alsaces on me.

Then we’ll see who’s been punk’d.

(As a side note, the real term for this dish in France is Tarte Flambee. And interestingly, in Germany it is know as “Flammkuchen,” which to me sounds like the translation should be “flaming koochie.” Unfortunate. Perhaps the Germans have been punk’d?)