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Mystery Solved: The case of the creepy owner

21 Apr

So it looks like I’m one signature away from having my condo under contract. Woo-hoo! Let’s keep those fingers crossed.

This entire process has reminded me of my days as a realtor in DC, days that – previously – I had tried hard to forget. There’s no joy in remembering the 11pm phone calls from panicked clients, the conversations with shady agents, or the contentious settlements where people heatedly called the other party derogatory names.

However, in the midst of all these ugly stories, one bizarre anecdote re-surfaced that – at the time – I dubbed, “The Curious Case of the Missing Bathroom.” If you enjoy Sherlock Holmes mysteries (or better yet, an Encyclopedia Brown story), you’ll get a kick out of this…

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Finish this headline:

21 Apr

…Including blow-up dolls and whores?

C’mon. Give us YOUR interpretation of this ad.

Lunchtime Haiku: My Suspicious Meal

21 Apr

What meat is in your meatballs?
I don’t want to know.