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Don’t get pissy just because I have a coupon…

31 Mar

Saturday night Alan and I went to Scion for dinner. We don’t eat out that often, and since I’m in the process of buying a new place, I’m hyper-sensitive to every line item on my bank account. As a result, our dining decisions are made on the basis of my Groupon selection. (Groupons are deals where you spend money in advance to get twice that amount as a credit at a bar/restaurant.)

In this case, I had spent $20 to receive a $40 credit at Scion. I’ll admit, I always feel a little awkward about busting out a coupon. The saving grace of Groupon is that it’s popular, so EVERYONE uses them, not just the frugal-minded.

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Why I suck at selling my place…

31 Mar

In my case, this would read "awkward."

Yesterday I was told an agent would stop by my place between 6-7 pm. I lost track of time working and glanced at the clock at 6:55. “Well, obviously they’re a no show,” I thought to myself. I decided to run across the street to Safeway to pick up a baguette for dinner since I had awesome wedges of brie and manchego in the fridge.

Ten minutes later, I bounced off the elevator, key-in-hand as I approached my door, only to see that it was open. Hmmm. Did I leave that door cracked? (It’s possible – sometimes when I leave in a hurry, I’ll slam it and it bounces. If I don’t do the deadbolt, then…) I listened: VOICES inside my place.

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Restaurant Review: It’s Not a Red State, It’s a Rogue State

28 Mar

This week I met my friend Lisa for lunch. Eating anywhere other than hunched over my laptop is something of a novelty, so trying a new restaurant is like icing on the cake. We opted for Rogue States, a burger joint that’s popped up in recent months just south of Dupont Circle.

The menu is pretty simple: there are seven types of burgers, each priced at $7 with free toppings (including lettuce, grilled onions, pickles and tomatoes) and options for “extras” like bacon or cheese for an additional buck. As for how well you’d like your burger, be prepared to say only “pink” or “not pink” because you won’t have more options than that.

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My agent is happy, but he isn’t gay.

28 Mar

I have a whole new appreciation for families who are trying to sell a house. As a single person, it’s proving to be quite the chore to keep my place spotless and vacant on the weekends.

Take yesterday: I wanted to lounge in bed doing a bit of work, then hit a yoga class. My phone started ringing off the hook at 9am with agents eager to bring buyers over. When I pieced together the various requests, I needed to vacate my place from 10am – 4pm to accommodate everyone.

My solution? I went to the pool at 10am, swam a mile and a half, showered and primped there before meeting Alan at my place around noon. We walked down to the Mall to see the Kite Festival and Cherry Blossoms, and essentially killed enough time to leave the realtors in peace. Thankfully it wasn’t a rainy, lie in bed and nurse a hangover kind of day. I would’ve been screwed.

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Leaving Captiva: Part Two – Should you really be driving?

24 Mar

Happy trails, Captiva. Thanks for the solitude - we needed it to prepare for Carol.

When we landed on the dock at Pine Island Marina Sunday morning, we looked around wondering if Richard would be shuttling us to the airport. Alas, instead of a Lincoln Town Car, there was a white van driven by an older woman named Carol waiting to take us and another family to Fort Myers.

(The other family consisted of a woman in her mid-forties and her two middle school-aged sons, who had struck us as spoiled earlier in the week when we’d encountered them at the pool bar as they ordered one of everything. We weren’t looking forward to sharing a van with them, but… Econolines make strange bed fellows.)

Settled in the van, we started our 75 minute drive to the airport. Except Carol drove consistently 5 mph under the limit, so after some quick math, let’s make that an 85 minute drive. We quickly learned that Carol liked to talk. And talk. And talk.

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