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My bags are packed, I’m ready to go…

8 Mar

I can’t decide if my Type A personality is an asset or a handicap. Admittedly, it’s come in handy lately: in addition to an always-demanding job, I’ve been trying to coordinate a vacation AND prep my place to go on the market.

I know, there’s not much pity for someone coordinating a vacation – but this one is surprisingly mentally taxing, considering it’s a beach vacation. Next week we’re going to Captiva Island, which is just off the coast of Florida and accessible only by boat. That’s what makes it a bit of a logistical challenge – in addition to packing, we need to coordinate a ride from the airport to the marina, a water taxi to get us to the island, a golf cart to pick us up and shuttle us to the house – and we need to pick up groceries from Publix along the way.

(Admittedly, the groceries thing doesn’t sound difficult, but consider this: you can’t actually go in the store. You have to fax a grocery list 72 hours in advance and let someone else shop for you. As a proud bearer of OCD, it’s incredibly hard to realize that someone else will be selecting my steaks. Also factor in my tendency to operate exclusively off minute-by-minute food cravings, and you’ll start to understand my challenge with this system.)

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