Restaurant Review: It’s Not a Red State, It’s a Rogue State

28 Mar

This week I met my friend Lisa for lunch. Eating anywhere other than hunched over my laptop is something of a novelty, so trying a new restaurant is like icing on the cake. We opted for Rogue States, a burger joint that’s popped up in recent months just south of Dupont Circle.

The menu is pretty simple: there are seven types of burgers, each priced at $7 with free toppings (including lettuce, grilled onions, pickles and tomatoes) and options for “extras” like bacon or cheese for an additional buck. As for how well you’d like your burger, be prepared to say only “pink” or “not pink” because you won’t have more options than that.

At first blush, this place reminded me of an upscale Five Guys because they clearly specialized in burgers, and you form a line to order at a counter. Unlike Five Guys, they have a beer and wine list. So it’s kind of a cross between a real restaurant and fast food.

Speaking of food, it was pretty good. What makes the seven burgers different is the seasoning, which is added to the ground beef and integrated into the patty before cooking. I had the standard burger (The Rogue State) which has the house spice blend, chipotle and cilantro in it.

As someone who routinely adds Montreal Steak Seasoning to my burger meat at home, this was a pretty solid and salty burger. The flavor was great but the bun wasn’t – it seemed more stale than toasted and kept crumbling in chunks onto my plate.

The next time I go, I want to try the “Now and Zen” or the “Curried Away” burger. Spice lovers might enjoy the “No Burger, No Cry” jerk burger, but I’m going to cut a wide path on that one. Interesting concept, fair pricing… I’ll definitely go back.

Rogue States: A Burger Grilling Company
1300 Connecticut Avenue NW, Washington DC

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