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Why I suck at selling my place…

31 Mar

In my case, this would read "awkward."

Yesterday I was told an agent would stop by my place between 6-7 pm. I lost track of time working and glanced at the clock at 6:55. “Well, obviously they’re a no show,” I thought to myself. I decided to run across the street to Safeway to pick up a baguette for dinner since I had awesome wedges of brie and manchego in the fridge.

Ten minutes later, I bounced off the elevator, key-in-hand as I approached my door, only to see that it was open. Hmmm. Did I leave that door cracked? (It’s possible – sometimes when I leave in a hurry, I’ll slam it and it bounces. If I don’t do the deadbolt, then…) I listened: VOICES inside my place.

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Jelly Bellies are more awesome without hair stuck to them

7 Mar

Note to Self:

I understand that you love Jelly Bellies, but it’s probably not a good idea to get excited and eat the lone/stray Jelly Belly that you find randomly in the back of the counter, in the pocket of your jacket or under the seat of your car. Even if it is in your favorite flavor.