In that case, I wouldn’t classify it as an emergency.

10 Aug

My good friend Karen recently started working as a 911 dispatcher in Chicago.

Today, her Facebook status relayed the following exchange between her and a caller.

Caller: There’s a man sleeping on a bench in the park. He looks a mess and his pants are following down.

Karen: Do you have any further description?

Caller: Well, his junk is all out.

Karen (trying to maintain professional decorum): So he is exposing himself?

Caller: <Silence>

Karen (as it slowly dawns on her): Ohhhhh. You mean his belongings…

I love that I have a friend who immediately made the leap from “his junk is all out” to “he’s exposing himself?” because that’s exactly where my mind would’ve gone.

Except my response probably would’ve lacked her professionalism:

“The twig, the berries or both? I need you to be more specific, ma’am.”

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