Phrases I never thought I would utter…

6 Aug

“Don’t use the paper towels! That roll is just for display!”

Really? A roll of paper towels can be just for display? And who, exactly, displays paper towels?

Well, let’s see… how about THIS GIRL.

Yes. Ever since I installed the new paper towel holder in such a way that I have to completely disassemble it to replace the roll, I’ve been using them sparingly. Very sparingly.

So sparingly, in fact, that Alan once asked me how it was that I could take a normal paper towel (and by normal, I’m talking about the small “choose a size” variety) and rip it into six pieces for distinct and separate uses. What can I say? I’m good.

In addition to using them sparingly, my other little trick is to have a REAL roll of paper towels hiding in the cupboard. And so it was tonight that I found myself shouting to Alan to NOT use the paper towels, so I could fish out this secret roll for the beer he had just kicked over on the floor of my study.

Yes. There are a lot of quirky rules in this house. Fortunately, Alan just rolls his eyes.

One Response to “Phrases I never thought I would utter…”

  1. Steven August 10, 2010 at 9:16 am #

    I pray for Alan…

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