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Please use the paper towels VERY sparingly.

14 Jul

My mom used to call me Little Miss Know-It-All because it was pretty rare that someone could tell me something without my responding, “I know.” Even if I didn’t know, I knew.

Apparently I haven’t quite grown out of that habit, because in the past month I’ve found myself insulted by some of the advice people have given me. “Do they think I’m stupid?” I’ve bemoaned to Alan. “Of COURSE I’ve done that.”

Admittedly, some of the advice WAS ridiculous.

Like when my icemaker turned my freezer into an ice block and the guy at Ace asked if I had the temperature dial set to a cold setting.

Or when I told my sister that the caulking I had done in my bathtub didn’t set properly and she asked if I was sure I had used caulk. As opposed to… toothpaste.

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