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I Spy: Senior JORTS

1 Jul

Not that anyone follows my blog, but I’m launching a new category of post, called, “I Spy,” in which I will share YOUR photos based on topics covered in previous blog entries. Consider it game, or something of a scavenger hunt, as you go through life.

For example, last week I pointed out that one of the tell-tale signs of dorkiness for non-seniors is JORTS (jeans shorts, y’all).

That post made my friend Terese spring into action when she saw a senior modeling jorts, and she emailed me the following from her iPhone:

Seniors are allowed to wear JORTS. But picture these on a 30 year old. NOT.

Terese = 1 point. The rest of you = 0.

Fun, right?

So while any topic that I’ve written about is fair game, if you’re trying to complete the BINGO card of photos, you might try to target the following:

  • A person wearing a name badge that’s funny (like “Love Officer”)
  • Anyone holding a Kashi product
  • A statue of St. Joseph partially buried in someone’s yard
  • A funny license plate or bumper sticker
  • Club thumbs (or toes)
  • A passive aggressive note
  • A ridiculous motto
  • Odd labels on appliances