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If I wanted to read, I would’ve rented a book.

24 Jul

The forecast called for rain, so my mom picked up a few movies to take to the cottage with us this weekend. Friday night we popped one in – a foreign movie set in Jerusalem. The opening credits rolled to music, but as the first scene started, subtitles appeared on the screen.

Dad: Anne, can you read that?

Mom squinted.

Mom: What are you talking about?

Dad: The words on the screen. This is subtitled.”

Mom: What?

Mom squinted at screen again.

Mom: Well I’m not going to read the whole thing. Piss on it.

Earlier, she had cracked me up on our drive to the cottage. She was telling my dad about someone in the community, but my dad couldn’t place the guy.

“Yes, John. You know him. Remember? He’s the guy who let his dog shit right next to Jim’s car?”

The thing is, with that description, my dad knew exactly who she was talking about.

She has a way with words, my mother.