I think I’m doing more damage than good…

8 Jun

Tonight I headed over to my new place to try to do a bit of cleaning so it would be ready to receive furniture and the like on Friday when I move. I had a small list of projects to get done: replace faucet sprayer, remove caulk from bathtub, wash  baseboards.

I started with removing the caulk from the bathtub. That was pretty easy, until I got to the caulk that was under the shower door. I’m not sure what bull semen they used to get that to adhere, but it wasn’t going anywhere. I abandoned the job halfway done and resolved to go home and bring back a razor blade to coax it out.

I felt a little ADHD wandering out of the bathroom, leaving a tub full of caulking bits all over it. In the kitchen, I started to replace the faucet handle (the old one had piss-poor pressure), when I noticed a weird noise coming from the refrigerator. Curious, I opened the door – and saw nothing. Then I opened the door to the freezer and saw…


That’s right. There were icicles connecting my icemaker to the ice cube tray. And the ice cube tray was a solid block of ice. (I don’t even understand how the water was able to freeze that way.) And the floor of the freezer? Also ice – to the tune of a solid inch of it.


The ironic thing? The ice maker was turned off.

I’m guessing I have a leak in there. I’m not sure how or when it started, because the ice maker was fine during my home inspection and during my walk-through. But now, 24 hours after taking possession, I have a leaky mess on my hands.

I emptied everything out, turned the fridge off and left with the hopes that by thawing, the ice maker would drain its excess water and at least have a chance of resuming normal operation.

I went back two hours later to check on it and stick a large bucket in there over night. Unfortunately, there was no obvious shut-off for the icemaker’s water source, so we’ll just have to see if I get lucky over night. Ah, home ownership. Ain’t it grand?

Oh, and if you were hanging in suspense, dying to know if I washed the baseboards… well, I started. Then I got bored, hungry and wandered on home, puzzled that in two hours of labor I had somehow managed to leave my place worse than I had found it.

Sigh. This does not bode well.

2 Responses to “I think I’m doing more damage than good…”

  1. Paul June 10, 2010 at 3:52 pm #

    For the ice maker, there will be a quarter-inch copper pipe tapped into the cold water supply line under the sink. With any luck, that line will have a small stop cock valve on it that you can close to stop water to the fridge. A quarter turn should be all that is necessary. The valve should be close to the tap-in point, but sometimes you might find it near the back of the fridge (not the best of places). Happy hunting.

  2. Babs June 11, 2010 at 8:16 pm #

    wow, Dad’s advice above just might have been the solution we’ve been looking for for over a year now, to our non-working ice maker!

    A piece of advice (albeit a few days late) put some towels under the front of the fridge as it thaws, otherwise you’ll end up with water all over the place!

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