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Texas is his kryptonite?

20 Jun

Yes, you can find anything on the internet. Even a naked man wearing a cowboy hat.

A few weeks ago, Alan wrote a post speculating about what super-power he would like to have. Friday night we were hanging out with my friends Mike and Betsy and the topic came up again, because Betsy was trying to describe some of the people who would be at their BBQ the next night.

“Tim will be there. He doesn’t use verbs.”

“Huh? Like how?”

“Like when we were talking about our super-powers, he just said, ‘cowboy hat bar girls.'”

“Wait a minute. What is that super-power?”

“Apparently his thing is to wear a cowboy hat out to the bar and act as a wingman for his friends. The hat attracts girls but usually because they think it’s weird. They come over to ask him about it, then his friend, who looks normal by comparison, can go in for the kill.”

“And that works?”

“Apparently, because I asked some of Tim’s friends what his super-power would be, and everyone brought up the cowboy hat.”

Odd. I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that this super-power becomes decided less potent if one is trolling for chicks in, say, Texas.