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This is how an appliance gives you the finger.

1 Oct

Let me refresh your memory. Four months ago I moved into a new place. It was so wonderful I did standing backflips just like Cuba Gooding Jr. in Jerry Maguire. (Can’t picture that? Here is a second refresher of how nimble I am.)

I was still backflipping when – on the second day of possession – I opened my freezer and found it FLOODED with water, some of which had formed icicles from the ice cube tray to the floor of the freezer. And there was still water spraying everywhere with the urgency of a dog dousing a fire hydrant.

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I think I’m doing more damage than good…

8 Jun

Tonight I headed over to my new place to try to do a bit of cleaning so it would be ready to receive furniture and the like on Friday when I move. I had a small list of projects to get done: replace faucet sprayer, remove caulk from bathtub, wash  baseboards.

I started with removing the caulk from the bathtub. That was pretty easy, until I got to the caulk that was under the shower door. I’m not sure what bull semen they used to get that to adhere, but it wasn’t going anywhere. I abandoned the job halfway done and resolved to go home and bring back a razor blade to coax it out.

I felt a little ADHD wandering out of the bathroom, leaving a tub full of caulking bits all over it. In the kitchen, I started to replace the faucet handle (the old one had piss-poor pressure), when I noticed a weird noise coming from the refrigerator. Curious, I opened the door – and saw nothing. Then I opened the door to the freezer and saw…

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