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Sending You a Little Love from Beantown

14 Feb

Image Source: BeMyAnti-Valentine

I’m in Boston for work, which means I’m spending Valentine’s Day away from Alan. That’s fine by me – not because I don’t miss him, but because I tend to believe you shouldn’t just show someone you love them one day a year. So by that standard, Alan does a pretty great job of making every day February 14.

Since I don’t make a big deal out of Valentine’s Day, it was the farthest thing from my mind when I stepped out to grab a coffee this morning. The streets of Boston were desserted, barring a line of cabs idling in front of my hotel.

The last cabbie in line, an older gentleman, was out wiping down his windshield as I walked past. “Happy Valentine’s Day!” he called. “May you get everything you deserve and more!”

I have to admit, it made me smile. Not just because he said it, but also because it reminded me, when it comes to the important stuff: I already have.

So just in case no one has said it to you yet…

Happy Valentine’s Day. May you get everything you deserve and more!