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Vandals of a different stripe…

15 Feb

Remember last week when I was kind of excited that some drunk fool had marked all the snow-covered cars in my neighborhood with a juvenile cock-and-balls motif?

Well a friend sent me this to demonstrate that the vandals in Denver are a bit more, um, talented:

No CLUE where this originated - a friend sent it to me from his cell phone. If you're the artist - or the photographer - please let me know so I can properly attribute it to you!

I will admit, I did find it somewhat inspirational.

Until I headed out today for a quick stroll and noticed that someone had altered all of the one-way signs down 16th Street:

© 2013 pithypants

© 2013 pithypants

© 2013 pithypants

I’m guessing it’s left-over from Valentine’s Day (as opposed to the aftermath of a Marley tribute concert), but I hope it stays up for months. This is the kind of graffiti I could get behind.

Sending You a Little Love from Beantown

14 Feb

Image Source: BeMyAnti-Valentine

I’m in Boston for work, which means I’m spending Valentine’s Day away from Alan. That’s fine by me – not because I don’t miss him, but because I tend to believe you shouldn’t just show someone you love them one day a year. So by that standard, Alan does a pretty great job of making every day February 14.

Since I don’t make a big deal out of Valentine’s Day, it was the farthest thing from my mind when I stepped out to grab a coffee this morning. The streets of Boston were desserted, barring a line of cabs idling in front of my hotel.

The last cabbie in line, an older gentleman, was out wiping down his windshield as I walked past. “Happy Valentine’s Day!” he called. “May you get everything you deserve and more!”

I have to admit, it made me smile. Not just because he said it, but also because it reminded me, when it comes to the important stuff: I already have.

So just in case no one has said it to you yet…

Happy Valentine’s Day. May you get everything you deserve and more! 

For Valentine’s Day, I gave Alan the gift of Crazy.

17 Feb

Since I had to travel for work on Monday (meaning I would miss Valentine’s Day) Alan and I decided we would celebrate early by making reservations at Brasserie Beck for dinner right after work Friday night.

We were both pretty excited about it, so when my leg ballooned to the size of an elephant’s trunk and I hopped a cab for the hospital, I called him with the news, “We may need to push back our dinner reservation, because I’m on my way to the ER.”

I probably should’ve started that call with, “I’m fine and you shouldn’t be worried…” but I was too fixated on the meal to think rationally. So it was no wonder Alan promptly freaked out and jumped in his car to meet me at the hospital.

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