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Vandals of a different stripe…

15 Feb

Remember last week when I was kind of excited that some drunk fool had marked all the snow-covered cars in my neighborhood with a juvenile cock-and-balls motif?

Well a friend sent me this to demonstrate that the vandals in Denver are a bit more, um, talented:

No CLUE where this originated - a friend sent it to me from his cell phone. If you're the artist - or the photographer - please let me know so I can properly attribute it to you!

I will admit, I did find it somewhat inspirational.

Until I headed out today for a quick stroll and noticed that someone had altered all of the one-way signs down 16th Street:

© 2013 pithypants

© 2013 pithypants

© 2013 pithypants

I’m guessing it’s left-over from Valentine’s Day (as opposed to the aftermath of a Marley tribute concert), but I hope it stays up for months. This is the kind of graffiti I could get behind.

I love my neighborhood.

3 Feb

Saturday night we received a dusting of snow. Not so much that I woke to a ground blanketed in white, but enough that the cars had a light coating when I headed out to yoga Sunday morning.

I like snow, so it made me smile. And then, realizing some drunk graffiti artists had used the cars as their canvasses, I REALLY smiled. Between my house and the yoga studio, I counted over two dozen cars that had been tagged with a cartoon phallus of some kind. Like this:

Artistic. Matt Groening would be proud.

Artistic. Matt Groening would be proud.

©2013 pithypants

Five in a row. Artistic AND persistent.

Art school reject.

Art school reject.

Even cars in driveways were not immune...

Even cars in driveways were not immune…

So this tells you all you need to know about my neighborhood. Apparently I’m not the only person with a 12-year-old sense of humor.

Also? Those rumors that DC is full of dicks? Apparently it’s true.

A different kind of panic.

20 Jun

To be sure, there are many situations that would cause a rural person to panic: a run on Velveeta at the grocery store, rationing of Budweiser, code inspectors, a NASCAR drivers’ strike…

Oh wait, I said rural, not redneck. Nevermind. (And quick – let’s give my Facebook friends their contributing editor credit for coming up with those examples before you lynch me!)

Redneck or Rural, whatever the case, these people are safe from the type of panic that over-took me tonight… A panic that only occurs in a city… A panic that can only come from not being able to find your car.

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