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5 Ways in Which My Yoga Instructor Resembles Tobias Funke.

4 Feb

I’m pretty sure my yoga class was led by Tobias Funke this morning. If you don’t know who Tobias is, he was a character in Arrested Development. Here is a highlight reel to give you a bit of flavor:

So now that you have a taste for Tobias, here are the parallels between him and my yoga instructor:

  1. Both consistently project a STAGE VOICE to project when communicating and over-enunciate for dramatic effect. DownwarD. DoG. 
  2. Both have mustaches that hail from another decade. By which I mean the 1980s.
  3. Both present a vibe of confused sexuality.
  4. Both wear nut-hugging shorts.
  5. Both play the flute. I’m just going to leave it at that.