If you’re already going to hell, might as well drive the bus.

18 Aug

Now that my place is almost pulled together, I’ve started thinking of hosting a couple housewarming soirees. Not one big party, because it’s kind of awkward to combine five different friend grounds in 1,000 square feet of space. (And that’s assuming people are using the bathroom to socialize.)

Don’t get me wrong – when I was younger, I used to have a “more the merrier” outlook, and I loved combining my friends for events. As we’ve gotten older, however, I’ve realized that people are kind of set in their ways and usually only talk about a) their jobs, b) their kids, or c) their common acquaintances. So it makes it awkward to combine multiple social circles in a space that doesn’t have enough separate seating areas to house them all. Alas, the separate shindigs.

Anyway… this morning I pulled together the list for a reunion of friends who all know each other from our days at e-staff, and headed to evite to craft an invitation for a “pick the paint” party. (Since it’s by far my most creative and gayest circle of friends, I figured it would be my best shot at getting some diverse opinions on what colors to paint my walls.)

And yet, for whatever reason, I could not stop choosing religious themed Evite designs. Specifically, this is the one I was drawn to:

I kept getting the giggles, thinking how random it would be for my friends to receive an invite to a housewarming party in which I suggest that we might pray on which colors would work with my furniture.

I’m sure 50% of my friends who are reading this are scratching their heads, saying, “That doesn’t sound very funny.” But I can also assure you that if my sister is reading this, she’s thinking, “Sweet!” and sketching out a diagram demonstrating the alchemy of turning water into wine to prop up on the drinks table.

I’ll admit: part of me is still contemplating the idea. but I think it’s possible that I’d have at least one guest show up dressed as a nun with facial hair. Which might not be cool with my neighbors.

And hell hath no fury like…

One Response to “If you’re already going to hell, might as well drive the bus.”

  1. Alicia August 18, 2010 at 8:28 pm #

    You DO live near Adams Morgan, no? I’d totally do it.

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