And now you know why we’re friends…

17 Jun

I just received a card in the mail from my friends Shannon and Greg, announcing that they’re expecting a second child. But instead of it being a frilly, flowery “aren’t babies the cutest things ever” kind of card, it was definitely more my speed. Here’s the front:

She gets points for finding a way to A) Tee up her announcement as a riddle of sorts, and B) Subtly work in a little bathroom humor. THANK YOU for not sending me some Precious Moments announcement.

And on the inside, the expected due date? October 29, exactly ONE DAY before my birthday. Do we think this is a coincidence or do we think that Shannon and Greg sat down, looked at the calendar, reversed everything out and decided to get it on at a time when they would be most likely to have a child that shared my birth date? I’m going with the latter.

So thank you, you considerate friends who did not make me vomit by sending me a cutesy announcement, and for taking my birthday into consideration when you decided to copulate. I’ve never been so flattered!

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