Saturday’s Swim: My (OCD) stream of thoughts…

22 Feb

Wow. The water feels colder than usual.

It’s been three weeks. I wonder if I’ll get tired fast.

The bandaid on my thumb is loose.

I hope it doesn’t fall off.

It was nice of that man to share his lane with me.

He doesn’t seem to be doing anything but standing.

Why is he wearing flippers?

There are a lot of kids here today.

How many of them have peed in this water?

Shit. There goes my bandaid.

I wonder if I’ll see it when I swim back the other way.

If I do see it, should I dive down and grab it?

What number lap is this? Seven?

Am I ten percent done already? Awesome!

I’m not as cold as I was when I first jumped in.

There! Is that my bandaid?

I’ll go get it.

Wait. That might not be my bandaid.

Oh my God. I almost touched someone else’s bandaid.

I want to wash my hands.

How ironic would that be?

There’s actually a lot of shit on the bottom of the pool.

I wonder when they’ll vacuum it.

Oh, here comes the guy in the flippers…

How can he be going that slow with flippers?

I wonder if anyone famous has ever swum in this pool.

Probably Mayor Fenty, but he’s not famous.

Is that lifeguard asleep?

He looks like his eyes are closed.

If only I could see him longer.

If someone drowns while he’s sleeping, would I be able to help?

Do I remember how?

The only thing I remember about life guard training is to be careful because a drowning person will try to climb on top of your head.

My aunt is always scared that cats will jump on top of her head.

That’s a weird fear.

What lap am I on?

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