Stormageddon 2010: One Big-Ass Snow

7 Feb

Since moving to DC 13 years ago, I’ve gotten used to a different kind of winter than I grew up with in Michigan. Here, winter doesn’t last five solid months, Mother Nature will sometimes throw us an odd 70 degree day in December, and we generally only see one decent snowfall all winter.

Not this year. If you remember, we got pummeled with a 20″ snow in December. We’ve had two other snows that were 4-7″ in depth. And this weekend, we got another 20+ inches in a 24-hour period.

Unlike most people who live inside the Beltway (or south of the Mason-Dixon line),  I love snow.

As long as there’s time to squirrel away supplies – a box of logs for the fire, a case of wine, a stack of games and some good company – being snowed in is AWESOME.

So yesterday I wasn’t too heartbroken when I awoke to the sight of 12″ on the ground with flakes still falling. We cracked our first bottle of wine open at noon and started calling around to friends who live within walking distance of my place to see if we could find takers for a game of Taboo.

Holly – who lives an easy walk from my house – responded with a text indicating she’d come over after the snowball fight in Dupont Circle. And that’s how I learned about an event made possible by social media.

This is what happens when hundreds of people are given an invitation to leave their homes...

Apparently someone started a Facebook page dedicated to the idea of a snowball fight in Dupont Circle at 2pm yesterday, and the cause spread like wildfire.

Curious, Alan and I left my place shortly after 2pm. Expecting to find the city streets deserted, we were shocked: there were tons of people pouring down the center of the road on foot, all making their way to the Circle for the snowball fight.

The fight itself was not disappointing. Hundreds of people circled the fountain and war cries sounded as balls flew in every direction. It was harmless chaos at its finest.

In a town where people tend to take themselves a bit too seriously and where a “power lunch” is more common than lunchtime workout, it was nice to everyone embrace the snow and act like kids again.

Apparently, I’m NOT the only person who enjoys a good snowfall.

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