I need to blow off a little steam, Dick.

4 Feb

It’s rare that I feel like I’m walking around under a dark cloud. I generally consider myself a lucky person.

But tonight, Lady Luck was not on my side.

Some examples:

I tried to get a prescription filled, but I couldn’t find the prescription  – even after checking every pocket of my backpack twice. When I got home, I found it: in the most obvious pocket. No idea how it hid from me. Richard.

I picked up my car (which had been street parked since Tuesday near my yoga studio), only to find a ticket under my wiper. The reason? “Parked 1 foot from a driveway.” Listen, Ricky, where is THAT rule posted?

I drove (read: sat) in rush hour traffic to get to my neighborhood’s police station (which, ironically is not within walking distance of my neighborhood and I’m willing to walk 3 miles) to get parking passes for the contractors who are coming to my place on Monday. When I got there, one of DC’s fine civil servants (a woman who – amazingly – *could* walk despite the chip on her shoulder!) informed me, “Contractors? Nope. Can’t help. You gotsta go to the DMV. Not my problem.” AWESOME: Dickellla, you are super helpful! Remind me, how much am I paying you?

To salvage this errand streak, I went to the new pool with the thought of getting in a swim. Unfortunately, five lanes were reserved for the Masters Club, two lanes were reserved for a SCUBA diving class, and one lane was reserved for “water walkers” (whatever the hell that is). That left two lanes for the other 40 swimmers to try to pound laps. Yeah, not so much. Deeeyocks.

Afterward, I walked across the street to pick up a few items from Whole Foods, completely forgetting that we have a major winter storm (24″ in 24 hours) forecast to start tomorrow. In DC, that means milk, toilet paper and eggs sell out immediately, and lines snake down each aisle and around the back of the store. Ricardo: I bailed, empty-handed.

(Side note: as I type this, I have the news on to get an updated weather forecast. They just showed a scene of a supermarket, saying, “All stores are pummeled with traffic, shelves are empty as people stock up.” Interestingly, the cart that they showed had only bananas and cantaloupes in it. I’m not sure that’s what *I* would choose when faced with a being snowed in for a weekend. Especially not without an accompanying cart full of toilet paper.)

OK. I feel better. Just needed to get that off my back. Thanks for indulging me, Dick.

2 Responses to “I need to blow off a little steam, Dick.”

  1. EBR February 5, 2010 at 10:21 am #

    Surely, you would have had a cheesy-potato of some sort in your cart!

  2. Alicia February 5, 2010 at 2:43 pm #

    Hope today’s gone better. Sheesh.

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