Some people use them for birdwatching. Not my mom.

27 Sep

My parents came to visit this weekend – their first time since I’ve moved.

My mom spends a large portion of her waking time observing (and commenting on) other people. My old place was HORRIBLE for her because it was on the top floor of a five-story building and had limited windows that really didn’t afford street views. She would pace like a caged animal trying to peek out the small windows in my turret, so visits would generally be planned around making sure she was outside and able to see people.

Alas, I think she was thrilled that my new place not only has plenty of large windows, but also faces Results Gym. This weekend, any time we weren’t outside walking around, she was pointed out the window, watching people work out. It was fodder for plenty of conversations.

Why, just last night, a snippet went something like this:

Mom: Look at that girl doing lunges all the way across the gym!

Dad: What’s a lunge?

<Mom demonstrates in my living room.>

Dad: How do you know what a lunge is?

Mom: I was a gym teacher. Duh?

I think it’s probably good that their visit was limited to just a weekend, however, because I’m not sure how long Results would tolerate such blatant voyeurism without sending the police to investigate. Let’s just say that subtlety is NOT my mom’s middle name:

One Response to “Some people use them for birdwatching. Not my mom.”

  1. Alicia September 28, 2010 at 11:15 am #

    love it!

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