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The stuff nightmares are made of…

15 Sep

This week I’ve been plagued by some crazy nightmares. Not the kind that involve monsters or death, but the kind that to me are infinitely more frightening: the kind that are based in reality and involve a total brainfart on my part.

For example, last night’s nightmare featured me blogging about how I’ve only had six vacation days this year – followed by a scene in which my boss tells me I’ve incorrectly tracked my days and have actually taken 24 days of vacation – PLUS the five I’m out on now – and as a result I need to pay the company back for my excessive absence. My favorite part was when I said, “Hold on. You mean you track this in a SPREADSHEET?” like it was the craziest thing an employer could do, and she asked how I tracked my days and I started to demonstrate by counting on my fingers.

At least, I’m pretty sure that didn’t actually happen. Yet.