Stream of Consciousness: I might be reading into things.

24 Jun

When I stepped onto my most recent flight, the door to the cockpit was still open. I couldn’t see the pilots, but I could see their hats, hanging on two pegs just inside the cockpit door.

One of the hats had photos of his three children taped inside it. I’m sure most people would look at that and think, “Aw, how sweet.”

I, on the other hand? Well, I looked at it and thought:

“Is this a marketing ploy to subtly convey to nervous passengers that the pilot will be extra careful because he has a family he’s flying home to see?”


“Or is that so they can ID him if the plane crashes?”


“Or maybe it’s so a scheming flight attendants will realize she’s flirting with a man who has already sewn his seeds and has no interest in more kids.”


“Or maybe his head gets really sweaty and those photos are all that he could find to help absorb the sweat.”


“Or maybe he has Alzheimer’s and doesn’t recognize his own children after he’s been away for a few days, so he keeps a visual cue on hand to remind him.”


“Shit. I really hope it’s not the last one, because I don’t want someone with Alzheimer’s flying my plane.”


“Well, I guess he has three children that he wants to make it home to see, so surely he wouldn’t continue to fly with Alzheimer’s.”


“Hmmm. Seems like the marketing ploy is working.”

2 Responses to “Stream of Consciousness: I might be reading into things.”

  1. popdialectic June 24, 2010 at 5:16 am #

    First Carol in Florida, now an airline pilot with Alzheimer’s. You have bad luck when you leave the driving to other people.


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