This blog is brought to you by the Dairy Association, ExLax and the George Foreman Grill…

3 May

It’s funny. Ten years ago, the only cheese I would willingly eat was cheddar. The rest just made me gag when thinking about them.

Then I moved to France, lived in the cheese region (Haute Savoie), reeked of gruyere and grew to love raclette, fondue and any other form of melted cheese I could get my hands on.

(Except for goat cheese, which I still hate. I maintain that goat cheese tastes like barnyards smell. And frankly I’m not into eating manure. Go for it. All you.)

Anyway, this cheese thing has gone a bit far. Evidence: it is not uncommon for me to go through three different wedges of cheese from Whole Foods during the week (most often brie, Paranno, and gruyere) in addition to a bag of shredded cheddar or a container of gorgonzola crumbles.

The only reason I’m writing about this is to share with you the stroke of cheesy brilliance I had tonight. As anyone will attest, the best part of melted cheese is the part that oozes out and slightly browns, getting crispy on one side. Hence why people love French Onion soup or the edges of quesadillas.

So tonight, what did I do? I put a hunk of brie directly on my hot George Foreman grill. And I let that bitch melt. And melt. And melt. Until it was crisp on one side and gooey on the top. And then I slid it off, drizzled it with lemon juice, cracked some spices on it, and went to town.

I was so excited about it, I posted my discovery to Facebook, calling myself a genius. But then, as I soaked in the tub, I realized: I am not the genius. George Foreman is. He not only invented a grill that would allow me to melt brie in my condo without firing up the oven; he also somehow managed to convince a woman to let him name seven of his eleven children George.

Or wait. Upon further reflection, I think maybe I have my words mixed up on this one: it doesn’t take genius to have eleven kids and give seven of them the same name. Actually, the repetitive naming business would indicate just the opposite. But it does point to something…

In this case, that thing is a huge set of balls.

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