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This blog is brought to you by the Dairy Association, ExLax and the George Foreman Grill…

3 May

It’s funny. Ten years ago, the only cheese I would willingly eat was cheddar. The rest just made me gag when thinking about them.

Then I moved to France, lived in the cheese region (Haute Savoie), reeked of gruyere and grew to love raclette, fondue and any other form of melted cheese I could get my hands on.

(Except for goat cheese, which I still hate. I maintain that goat cheese tastes like barnyards smell. And frankly I’m not into eating manure. Go for it. All you.)

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Who doesn’t love a knock-knock joke?

14 Apr

This weekend we saw Kristen Schaal at the Arlington Cinema & Drafthouse (ACDH). If you don’t know who I’m talking about, she has a recurring role on “Flight of the Conchords” and is even funnier as a stand-up comedian. Want a taste? This clip doesn’t do her justice, but it’s better than nothing:

Until a few months ago, I hadn’t realized that the ACDH had anything other than movies. Turns out, it’s a great place to see stand-up. The first show we saw there together was Gallagher, which was, um,  eye-opening.

Talk about a has-been… here’s a guy who – at his prime – sold out major venues just for smashing watermelons. Yet when we saw him, he wasn’t able to fill even HALF of the ACDH. Before the show started, we saw him sitting near the bar scarfing down dinner, so Alan approached and asked for his autograph, which he gave graciously enough.

During the show, however, he bounced between topics with all the direction of a plinko chip and his interaction with the audience was almost hostile. At one point I got up to go to the bathroom and the entire time I was gone he engaged Alan in an uncomfortable conversation about our relationship. When I returned, his words to me were, “Dump this guy.” Not exactly the commentary we buy tickets to hear.

Last time I checked, the only places people go expecting to be insulted are Ed Debevic’s and the DMV.

An Apple a day keeps impatience at bay

11 Feb

So often, I complain about inefficiency in the world. It seems only fair, then, to recognize the most awesome customer experience I’ve had in the past week.

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SuperBowl: Parking MVP… or not.

11 Feb

Sunday I went to a Superbowl party at Alan’s friend’s house. Shamefully, walking through the door I had no idea which two teams were even playing. Fortunately, no one asked who I was rooting for, so I didn’t have to embarrass myself by proclaiming allegiance to either the blue or gold team. (I decided on the gold team once I learned it was New Orleans.)

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Guilty Pleasure: American Idle

13 Jan

I don’t watch much television. Generally, that’s because if I can catch an extra hour in the evening, I’m more inclined to spend it floating in my bathtub with a book or – shamefully – pissing it away on Facebook reading friends’ status updates and playing Scramble. So let’s be clear: I’m not taking a moral stance on television; there are simply other ways I prefer to waste my time.

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