Third eye blind?

2 Feb

I promise, this won’t become a blog about yoga. I’m more than one-dimensional, even if I’m not acting like it.

That said, this post is about a random thought that occurred to me during yoga tonight.

We very often are instructed to “connect our hands in prayer in front of our hearts” with our eyes closed. Cool. That’s self-explanatory.

Tonight, my instructor Ximena – a name that I swear I didn’t know how to properly pronounce until I heard her say it in class three months ago – gave slightly different instructions. What she said made me want to crack my eyes a slit and see if we had any new male yogis in the room. She said:

Join your hands in prayer.

Now place them in front of your Third Eye.

Am I the only person who finds it plausible that a new student might – just MIGHT – drop his hands instead of raise them? I’m just wondering.

And yes, this is where my mind goes when I am supposed to be sending loving kindness to the world. I can only hope that karma turns a blind eye.

One Response to “Third eye blind?”

  1. Alicia February 3, 2010 at 8:44 am #

    Actually, I’d have thought hands down and behind the back. It was Jenny C. who lifted a cat’s tail and said to me, “He’s looking at you with his third eye.”

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