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Someone might want to give a f*ck about an Oxford comma

22 Mar

Sometimes, I just have to share a gem from another site. This really does show the importance of a comma:

Funny Facebook Fails

Waxing poetic. Or just waxing.

11 Mar

OK. I really wasn’t going to go here. I swear. Please forgive me.

The other night – in preparation for my tropical vacation next week – I had an appointment with Nora at Corte Salon. Nora is famous in DC for being perhaps the best waxer inside the Beltway. (And no, that wasn’t a pun, and by famous I mean she’s actually had entire articles devoted to her waxing prowess.)

My two best friends also visit her, so whenever I have an appointment, among other things we spend the thirty minutes catching up on what everyone has been up to. That definitely helps distract from what could otherwise be an awkward experience.

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Online Marketing at Its (Questionable) Finest

3 Jan

This ad popped up after I sent an email from my Yahoo account today.

Question for you: What is the FIRST thought you have when looking at it?

If you’re anything like me, your thought sequence was something like this:

Holy shit! Why is there a serial killer in my email?

Wait. Is that Jesus?

<Skimmed headline>

Huh? What does this guy have to do with me going back to school?

Hold on… are we supposed to infer that people who make less than $45k look like this?

In any event, I can’t imagine that this ad correlates to a strong response rate. It seems to me, they’ve gone for a pretty specific audience. Unless, of course, Jesus, a serial killer, or college drop-outs who smoke a ton of weed are interested in going back to school. In which case: well done, Degrees.ClassesUSA.com!

(And yes, apparently it was *somewhat* effective, because I clicked through to see who the sponsor was.)