Online Marketing at Its (Questionable) Finest

3 Jan

This ad popped up after I sent an email from my Yahoo account today.

Question for you: What is the FIRST thought you have when looking at it?

If you’re anything like me, your thought sequence was something like this:

Holy shit! Why is there a serial killer in my email?

Wait. Is that Jesus?

<Skimmed headline>

Huh? What does this guy have to do with me going back to school?

Hold on… are we supposed to infer that people who make less than $45k look like this?

In any event, I can’t imagine that this ad correlates to a strong response rate. It seems to me, they’ve gone for a pretty specific audience. Unless, of course, Jesus, a serial killer, or college drop-outs who smoke a ton of weed are interested in going back to school. In which case: well done,!

(And yes, apparently it was *somewhat* effective, because I clicked through to see who the sponsor was.)

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