Addictions & Resolutions

2 Jan

My name is Alison, and I’m addicted to Facebook.

It’s embarrassing, really. I didn’t know the first thing about Facebook, Twitter or any other social media until I joined my company two years ago. Since we support other organizations with their marketing initiatives, it’s a requirement that everyone have a Facebook page and tweet daily. (I know, my friends who are teachers are shaking their heads, thinking, “You get PAID to tweet?”)

Anyway, I was a social media virgin, assuming that Facebook was just for lecherous souls looking to have affairs with college students. One of my colleagues warned me, “You will get addicted.” I laughed at the time, thinking she had grossly under-estimated my age.

And here I am, two years later, updating my status with the frequency of Lindsay Lohan flashing her bits, playing Scramble as if my performance review depended on it, and updating my Visual Bookshelf like I work for Conde Nast.

Here’s why I like it: Aside from the whole voyeur aspect that allows me to remain connected and feel close to people with whom I otherwise (probably both fortunately or unfortunately) would have lost touch, for me the real joy is the bite-sized comedy, the pithy observations.

I love being able to summarize events in my life in 200 characters. I love the immediate validation I get for things that strike me as bizarre. And apparently, at least one person out there enjoys my updates, because it was suggested to me that I start a blog to fill in the gaps, provide a bit of the backstory, and occasionally offer up a Hungry-Man portion of my twisted take on life. (I think he was just looking for something mindless to read during his lunch break, but it’s served as a springboard for a fun resolution in 2010: to start a blog and maintain it at least weekly.)

I can’t promise it will be funny, or interesting, or even well-written. But it won’t be Facebook. And I’ve been told that the best way to end one addiction is to replace it with another. Who knows, perhaps next year I’ll be here typing:

My name is Alison and I’m addicted to blogging.

There are, I suppose, worse things to be addicted to.

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