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Someone might want to give a f*ck about an Oxford comma

22 Mar

Sometimes, I just have to share a gem from another site. This really does show the importance of a comma:

Funny Facebook Fails

A list of words that make me go ape-shit

18 Mar

This is a living post. I’ll add to it as I hear more offensive language.

A few words that make me cringe when I hear them uttered:

  • Meme
  • Avatar
  • Frankly
  • Utilize

Words people commonly use/pronounce incorrectly:

  • Frustrated = fustrated (where did your R go?)
  • Supposedly = supposably (seriously? c’mon.)
  • Asked = axed (would you rather be cool or respected?)
  • Regardless = irregardless (thanks, Holly!)

Phrases people slaughter:

  • Could care less (really – then why are you bitching?)

Please feel free to offer suggestions. I’ll incorporate them if they offend my sensibilities.

If you don’t know what it means…

19 Feb

(photo borrowed from http://www.msnbc.com)

It’s been a long time since I’ve tuned into the Today Show, mainly because I’m usually at my desk working by the time it comes on at 7am. This week I had it on in my hotel room while I was getting ready for work, and Tuesday’s show provided a few chuckles and an important lesson:

Act your age. Or, alternatively, don’t use words you don’t understand. I can’t do it justice, so just watch Meredith Viera’s gaffe:

<Watch it HERE>

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Smarter Than A First-Grader?

5 Jan

I belong to a list-serve where people post requests for graphic/technical assistance. This note came my way earlier today:

I am at a lost…..

I work for a private elementary school.  We are looking fir a logo redesign…we have had several people to volunteer and the product we have gotten back is missing the mark……thus I am searching for a Graphic Designer to do a Logo Redesign for the school.  This would be a volunteer project….  Please feel free to forward off list. For more information, please eMail me.

SERIOUSLY? Since your note says you “work” there, I’m going to assume you’re receiving a paycheck, and not just volunteering. Presumably that means at some point, someone interviewed you or you completed an application. Was your writing this horrific then, or have you helped out in the first grade room a bit too long?

(And PS: This photo is an actual note written by a kindergarten student. Please note that he proofread his work and made appropriate revisions. It’s called editing: try it sometime!)