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Just when I think I’m clever…

21 Nov

This morning I heated my oven to 475 degrees to cook an Alsatian Tarte Flambee for breakfast. (Let’s not even discuss my food choices.) Since my oven was so incredibly hot, in an attempt at environmental responsibility I decided I shouldn’t just waste the residual heat on an empty oven.

Instead, I prepped a tray of walnuts, thinking I’d toast them for a dessert I plan to make later this week. Every few minutes I checked them, and each time I felt somewhat smug, pleased with myself for this burst of efficiency. An added bonus: as the walnuts took on a golden color, my entire place smelled heavenly.

So heavenly, in fact, that when Alan’s sister made a comment on Facebook about how great her place smelled as a result of something she was baking, I felt inclined to comment. And it was only as I typed the following words (which I then erased), that I realized what an idiot I was:

My place smells great too! Get excited: I’m toasting some walnuts for a Mexican Pecan Torte to share with you this week!

In case you’re curious: the pecan torte recipe doesn’t call for any walnuts.

I am a dipshit.