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Overheard: Chevy is still alive.

2 Nov

Walking home from a networking event in Chicago tonight, I passed a couple guys standing in front of a bar smoking. (I’m not sure if they were waiting for a cab or if Chicago has a smoking ban in restaurants and bars like DC does. I’m thinking it’s the latter since I never smell smoke in restaurants here. Go Chicago!)

Anyway, they were clearly discussing an upcoming car purchase, but their conversation wasn’t what I would expect:

Guy #1: So I’m definitely getting a Chevy.

Guy #2: A Camaro? Because those are awesome.

Guy #1: Yeah, that or a van.

Guy #2 is silent.

I wonder if Chevy realizes the two demographics overlap so much. I’m not sure I’ve nailed it with this Venn Diagram, but it still seems like something that should be titled, “Vehicles a 16-Year-Old Girl Should Avoid.”

And then, my clever sister helped flesh it out a bit more…

I’d like to point out that she labeled her Venn Diagram file simply, “AVOID.”

And – breaking news – here’s a second interpretation from her:

You be the judge: which one do you think is most logical?

(In so far as logic can be applied to kidnappers, midlife crisis, and two otherwise incompatible Chevy vehicles, that is.)