Christine O’Donnell: Bless Your Heart

19 Oct

I’m speechless. Or rather: I have TOO many thoughts, all competing to come out at once. So I’ll let Christine O’Donnell speak for herself. Please watch until the 3 minute mark.

OK. Now I’m ready to weigh in.

Christine: Dare I believe everything on your wikipedia entry? I mean, I know it’s open for public editing, but it’s footnoted and you have the ability to remove anything that is untrue. Right?

Well, let’s assume at least 75% of it is accurate. It makes me wonder: How did you end up as a Tea Party candidate? It looks like you defaulted on your student debt and your home mortgage. I thought Tea Party people were conservative and against any kind of social/government support… But not paying your debts means you’re pushing that burden to someone else – like the taxpayers – no?

And I see  that you’re “single but interested in marrying.” Here’s a tip: no one wants to marry someone who interrupts. Watching you debate with Coons, I can’t imagine the person who would be willing to come home to you each night… unless you’re a porn star and own an industrial-sized roll of duct tape to cover that fly-trap of a mouth of yours.

Now, don’t get me wrong – I’m a feminist and think that women SHOULD have their voices heard. But if you’re going to try to shout from the rafters, you should make sure you’re not spouting nonsense. For instance: when trying to debate the Constitution, it might make sense to actually read it – and its Amendments – so you’re somewhat on point.

Another tip: There is nothing worse than brazenly grabbing the microphone and getting all eyes on you, only to have your credibility go out the window and replaced by a laughing audience when you open your mouth. Trust me, I know: I’ve done karaoke. (At least most people there are drunk and aren’t expecting me to make good decisions the next day – let alone for an entire term.)

I could keep going, but I’m out of energy and watching that video of you makes me pity you, much like I did Miss Teen South Carolina. Let’s keep it simple: why not leave the heavy-lifting to the people with the intellect to bear the weight?

And if it’s a microphone you fancy: stick to the pageant circuit.

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