Oh internet, you pesky time suck, you.

12 Sep

For whatever reason, I haven’t felt compelled to write on my blog lately. It’s certainly not lack of material – I’ve had a lot going on, including Liz’s farewell party, my e-staff housewarming party, an upcoming visit from my parents, etc. I just haven’t felt much like writing about any of it.

Instead, I’ve spent my time cracking up at the dumb stuff that’s already floating around online. So I thought tonight I’d share a few of the gems that have crossed my path in recent days…

First: The “girl takes watermelon in the face” video, which is a clip from The Amazing Race:

I used to love watching The Amazing Race because it was fun to speculate how I would perform the challenges in comparison to the people on the show. I’ll give this girl credit: I can’t imagine doing anything but crying after getting pelted in the face with a watermelon. Had it been me, when the friend pushes her to finish the task, I would have looked straight at the camera and exited the show with a big “Eff you” the friend.

The Amazing Race clip reminded of another video that is something of a classic – the Grape Smashing Reporter:

I can’t watch that clip without laughing so hard I cry. In fact, just searching to find the link for this blog entry had me giggling. While the fall is unfortunate, there are two things about it that make me laugh: first, the fact that she started smashing them in double-time after telling the other person to stop, and second, the god-awful noises she makes when she’s rolling around on the ground.

What is it about people hurting themselves that is funny?

It reminds me of a time in college when, walking across campus on my way to class, I saw a guy fall off his bike and bite the pavement pretty hard. I walked over to him to ask if he was all right, but for whatever reason, the words that came out of my mouth were, “How’s it going?” which struck me as so ludicrous – given that he was sprawled out on his back – that I got the giggles and ended up doubled over dying of laughter. I felt horrible even as I was doing it, but I couldn’t get it together.

Speaking of giggles, while the clearly uncooperative dog in this clip is funny, what really got me going was the contagious laughter of the girl filming it. Well, that and the fact that the dog is so opposed to walking that he would rather play dead.

So that’s how I’ve pissed away my week.

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