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List: 10 THINGS that make weekends even better

7 Jan

With all the talk of New Year’s Resolutions, it’s reminded me how much I like lists. They’re easier to read than paragraphs, and they’re much, MUCH easier to write. So this month, in addition to my regular babble about life, I’m going to share a few random lists with you.

List #1: 10 Things That Make Weekends Even Better Have the Ability to Ruin Your Weekend

  1. NPR’s weekend programming*
  2. Apple products*
  3. Bathtubs & books
  4. A garbage chute
  5. Scented candles
  6. Lamby
  7. Animals that let me touch them
  8. Jasmine tea
  9. The weather
  10. Yoga

*NPR and Apple almost canceled each other out and got eliminated from my list because today’s This American Life was about the sweatshops in China where Apple products are made. Ergo, today’s dose of irony: Apparently sweatshops make my weekend better, while people working in sweatshops don’t know what weekends are.

Great, now I feel like an asshole.

And sadly, Apple probably does a better job than most trying to make sure its vendors follow fair labor practices.