Not all food on wheels moves me.

21 Jun

My first forays into food trucks were wildly satisfying. So much so that I felt like my mini-reviews had all the bite of Helen Thomas’s coverage of the White House.

Fortunately (for my credibility as an objective reviewer, if not for my stomach), I’ve had a few less impressive experiences this past week.

So first up… Sol Mexican Grill:

When I think of food trucks, I think of taco stands. I suppose this is kind of ironic, because I’m pretty sure traditional taco stands don’t have wheels. Whatever. Details.

Regardless, when I order a take-away taco from a window, I’m expecting two things: 1) that it will cost me about a dollar, and 2) that is will be authenuine. So my at food truck dining experience at Sol was a bit of a let-down on both fronts.

Fresh tacos...

My friend Heidi and I had snuck out for a quick lunch in the park, and there were four trucks to choose from. I chose Sol because it had a line that seemed to vouch for its quality. In retrospect, I would’ve been well-served to recall my friend Kelly’s advice to her seventh grade daughter: it is better to be well-liked than to be popular. The difference is critical.

Not that Sol was bad. They have three options: a burrito, three tacos, or a bowl (tortilla-less burrito), each costing $7, regardless of which meat you choose. I went with tacos and they were fine.

To Sol’s credit, they have a good selection of toppings you can instruct them to add to your meal. And yet — even piled high with corn, beans, green sauce and cheese — my tacos tasted like they were from Chipotle. Don’t get me wrong: I like Chipotle. But I could’ve walked a block and moved through a faster line to eat it.

Tomorrow’s review: CapMac (the DC Mac N’Cheese Truck). For which I expect to get copious amounts of shit from friends who love it.

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