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It really should come with gloves.

6 Feb

As a child, I couldn’t stand Vicks VapoRub. I just rediscovered it yesterday and have to say: I am a fan!  Since Thursday I’ve been battling some sort of sinus/chest thing. Its started in my sinuses and migrated to my throat and chest.

Yesterday I couldn’t speak without having to (unsuccessfully) clear my throat mid-sentence. If you’ve experienced this, then you know precisely how frustrating it is. Which explains why I kept interrupting my sentences to blurt, “Goddammit!” as if I had a case of full-blown Turrets.

I finally broke down and went to Safeway on a mission to bring home any medication that boasted the magic word “expectorant” on its label. While checking out Mucinex, a tub of Vicks happened to pique my curiosity so I added it to my basket as well.

It’s hard to identify what the exact benefit of Vicks is, but my chest feels looser, so that’s a start. I don’t see much risk to continuing to slather it on since it’s the only thing I’ve found that provides some degree of immediate relief. Although I suspect the next time Alan comes over he’s going to wonder why my entire condo smells like menthol.

Oh, and a tip to the uninitiated: after applying Vicks, go wash your hands. Immediately. I learned this the hard way. I forgot that I had Menthol Hands and made the colossal mistake of rubbing my eye. Holy Mother of Mary. Not only was I temporarily blinded, my wet eye felt HOT then COLD. I thought it might throw itself out of the socket in an attempt to crawl to a glass of ice water.

So I guess that’s a ringing endorsement: I’m willing to continue using a product that almost blinded me. Maybe I should approach Vicks and see if they want to sponsor me. I’m pretty sure that’s one of the better testimonial quotes they’ll find.

Health reform? Won’t punching my NP do the trick?

22 Mar

Halfway through our vacation, I got sick. I woke up with a sore throat, my head was stuffy, my nose was snotty… and it got progressively worse as the week unfolded. By the time we left for the airport on Sunday, I was rating myself at 45% of normal functionality and my amateur diagnosis was “sinus infection.”

When we got to the airport (the journey itself merits an entirely separate post), I popped a Benadryl, thinking that it would help dry out my sinuses and make the flight a bit less painful. (Both Alan and I travel frequently for work, so we’re no strangers to the pain that is flying with a sinus infection.)

It seemed to work – until the plane began its descent into DC. At that point it felt like someone was hammering nails into my ears and eyes. I tried desperately to yawn; I swallowed repeatedly; I tugged on my ears. Yet nothing helped.

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