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I’ll take function over beauty any day. In a bathroom.

10 May

Since I’ve done a crap job explaining why my posts are coming to you live from England this week, let me back up: Alan is working on a case in the UK for at least a month, so I (being ever so spontaneous) decided to hop a flight and join him for a week.

He’s staying in a corporate apartment near Kings Cross, which is handy because it has daily housekeeping and laundry service. Sounds like a great perk, but we’re both kind of weird about housekeeping — we usually only remove the DND sign from the door if we need new towels, preferring privacy to having a stranger make the bed. But this trip, I keep lobbying to let them in because they stock the fridge with fresh milk for our tea.

The apartment itself is quite nice — it was remodeled in the last few months, so it has nice modern finishes and a gorgeous bathroom. BUT (and this is a pretty big but, which is why I capitalized it): a pretty bathroom is not necessarily a practical bathroom. Especially if more than one person is sharing the space.

Exhibit A: The Toilet

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Who knew I would actually give a shit about the Royal Wedding?

29 Apr

I swear, I haven’t been obsessing about the Royal Wedding. It actually wasn’t even on my radar until I awoke this morning at 5:30 and saw comments on my Facebook news feed. But then I just HAD to turn it on.

And I found myself smiling, and crying, and getting irrationally emotional about an event that affects me in absolutely no way at all. I couldn’t help it — there’s something great about seeing two people so giddily in love that they’re sneaking private glances and beaming uncontrollably in the middle of an otherwise proper event loaded with pomp and circumstance.

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