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Random Thought: Do Cry Babies Win?

27 May

It doesn't look quite so precious when you're pushing 40.

At the airport Monday, I was struck by the number of crying children who were old enough to speak and communicate their needs, but instead wailed.

Instead of getting irritated and leveling the parents with a deadly gaze, I instead wondered: Is crying a natural human reaction that we simply are conditioned away from by societal pressure?

Recently I’ve been under a lot of stress and while I’m not typically a crier, the thought of just sobbing when I hit my limit seems like it would be very cathartic. I am considering field-testing this with difficult clients, demanding colleagues, exhausting friends, slow-moving strangers, and anyone who happens to cross my path when I need to pee.

Discuss amongst yourselves.

Project Brief: Getting a grip on my personal budget

18 Apr

[WARNING: This post is boring. There’s nothing pithy about it. If you’re looking for humor, check out the Melons post below. Otherwise, if you keep reading, do so knowing that you’re witnessing a financial experiment. You’ve been warned.]

This year I didn’t really make any New Year’s resolutions, other than to start (and maintain) a blog. Well, it seems like I’m pace with this resolution, so it’s time to scrutinize another area of my life that could stand for a bit of attention. The most obvious categories are fitness, diet and finance, so I’ve decided to choose the one that (seemingly) requires the least amount of work: finance.

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