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Photo Essay: My (boring) commute to work.

12 Mar

Not sure how you dealt with “Spring Ahead,” but I woke up to find myself facing a commute lit by moonlight. At 7 am. Rather than spend a mile and a half bitching about it being dark (which is apparently what other people were doing, based on what I overheard), I decided to whip out my phone and document my route.

It ain’t pithy, but this is (at least some of) what I encounter on my way to the office. Apparently it was too dark to get an action shot of the homeless man urinating against the post office door, but you get the gist. THIS is why I live in DC, folks.

UPDATE: Apparently I am an ass when it comes to building a slideshow. My apologies for posting this four different times, which inadvertently sent email alerts to you for each update. Can someone please help me find my thumbs? 

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