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When technology is smarter than we are…

8 Nov

…there will be problems.

Sounds like we go to the same doctor.

My first auto-correct on the iPhone was when I texted my friend Liz with the intention of saying, “See you tonight” and instead said, “See you robot!” There have been others, but unfortunately, I didn’t have the presence of mind to take a screen capture.

Fortunately, other people did – and they started a whole website dedicated to capturing them: Damn You AutoCorrect.

Check it out during your next lunchbreak – assuming you aren’t feasting on a new treasure from your dick cookbook. <–That will make so much more sense if you actually check out the site.

My iPhone is a bigger bitch than I am.

16 Jun

Alan is coming in tonight to (hopefully) hang out. We’ve both been buried with a lot of work lately – hence the “hopefully” in that sentence. Anyway, his goal was to arrive at my place around 4pm so he could buckle in and wrap up his day here before we venture down to my old place to get some of the last few items out of it then off to dinner.

It’s now 6:15pm and instead of Alan, I get a text from him. The message is along the lines of, “Sorry! Running late. Day is a cluster. Moving as fast as I can!”

It’s nice of him to send me that, because generally I am stickler about punctuality. I plan down to the nanosecond, so if you’re even five minutes off, it has probably sent my universe into a tailspin and I’m pacing the floors or tapping my foot, getting decidedly bent out of shape.

But tonight, I’m  still trying to crank out some work and not eyeing the clock, so I’m not upset that he’s running 2+ hours behind schedule. Except, when I go to respond to his text, my phone has a mind of its own.

I try to write, “Jiggy!”

Steve Jobs decides to auto-correct me. So instead, my response to Alan’s news that he’s running late is: “Night!”

Hmmm. Is it possible for technology to be passive aggressive? If so, I think I might need more of it.