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Let the Droid v. iPhone battle begin.

17 Aug

Disclaimer: this is pretty funny, but there are a lot of f*bombs:

About a year ago, I converted to the dark side and dropped Verizon so I could get an iPhone. I know there are studies that talk about the “consumer treadmill” and how new gadgets or shopping sprees provide but a fleeting moment of happiness. In general, I agree. But not when it comes to my iPhone. I love it.

I am as happy with – and as excited by – my iPhone today as I was when I first fetched it on that hot day last August. (Same could be said about Alan, with whom I’m celebrating the year anniversary of our first date today, but I didn’t exactly “fetch” him, so…)

I still marvel that one device has allowed me all the functionality of a laptop, iPod, cell phone, day planner, digital camera, flash drive, Nintendo DS… AND I can use it to check-in at the airport instead of printing a ticket. How awesome is that?

I’m thinking about my phone because Alan just got a Droid today. I’m already anticipating a blog entry from him that spews excitement as he claims his new phone can do pretty much everything under the sun, including rub his back and clean his kitchen. At least, that’s how I felt about my phone, and I’m only a fraction as excitable by tech toys as he is. (And honestly, I think I will do a backflip if it CAN rub his back and clean his kitchen.)

As an odd side note while I’m thinking about my  phone: I have only ever taken the cover off it once.

(Have I mentioned that I’m OCD?)

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Phrases I never thought I would utter…

6 Aug

“Don’t use the paper towels! That roll is just for display!”

Really? A roll of paper towels can be just for display? And who, exactly, displays paper towels?

Well, let’s see… how about THIS GIRL.

Yes. Ever since I installed the new paper towel holder in such a way that I have to completely disassemble it to replace the roll, I’ve been using them sparingly. Very sparingly.

So sparingly, in fact, that Alan once asked me how it was that I could take a normal paper towel (and by normal, I’m talking about the small “choose a size” variety) and rip it into six pieces for distinct and separate uses. What can I say? I’m good.

In addition to using them sparingly, my other little trick is to have a REAL roll of paper towels hiding in the cupboard. And so it was tonight that I found myself shouting to Alan to NOT use the paper towels, so I could fish out this secret roll for the beer he had just kicked over on the floor of my study.

Yes. There are a lot of quirky rules in this house. Fortunately, Alan just rolls his eyes.