At least one of us is thoughtful…

4 May


Alan and I are in California for a friend’s wedding. On the flight out this morning, we started talking about flight attendants and what perks come with seniority. In the midst of this discussion, Alan said, “We should pick up something for our flight attendant on the way home.”

“Like a gift?” I asked.

“Just a little something – like a chocolate bar or something. I read an article that talked about how something like that goes a long way toward brightening their day. You know, something where you say, I was thinking of you!”

My cynical response was, “Because that’s not creepy at all. That comes across like, ‘I’ve been anticipating this flight and thinking about you,’” (at this point I was kind of rubbing my arms in a pervy kind of way), “’and I decided to bring you a chocolate bar.’”

Alan, seeing how his thoughtfulness could be misconstrued, latched on to the idea. “And instead of a chocolate bar, I’ll just bring her a single latex glove.”

At which point we both completely lost it. I’m not sure if we reached consensus on the whole gift thing for our return flight, or if I’m going to need to take my window seat and pretend I don’t know him.

2 Responses to “At least one of us is thoughtful…”

  1. designgal34 May 8, 2018 at 10:27 am #

    True story – I was taking Amtrak back from Philly one day, and I offered the employee on the train a piece of specialty chocolate I had picked up in City Center. She was in a pretty bad mood, so I did it to brighten her day. Later on, when I (along with lots of other passengers) asked to switch seats, I was the only one allowed. She even pointed out to the other passengers it was because I had been nice to her!

    • Alison May 12, 2018 at 6:21 am #

      Awww! Love the karma! I had a boss who always used to get upgraded to first class because whenever he’d board a plane, he’d introduce himself to the flight attendants by saying, “Hi. I’m Richard. I’ll be your passenger in 17B. In the event that I can do anything to make your flight more comfortable, please let me know.” I always rolled my eyes, but damned if it didn’t work!

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