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I’m thankful I have an oven?

27 Nov

Image Source: UnknownYou know how some people are magnets for crazy things happening to them? My friend Alison (whom I refer to as “The Other Al”) is one of those people. I’ve decided it’s time to start featuring some of her adventures in my blog for the greater amusement of mankind.

With Thanksgiving bearing down on us, it only seems appropriate to start with this anecdote, which she shared via Facebook this morning.

She commutes into DC everyday by way of the Rosslyn Metro station, which is just over the river in Arlington. Apparently she’s developed a friendship (of sorts) with one of the homeless people she sees regularly.

This morning he greeted her with, “Happy Thanksgiving. Where the f*ck is my turkey at?”

Because she’s The Other Al, she responded with, “Where the f*ck will you cook it?”

And lest you think this was mean-spirited, the guy cracked up and told her she was his favorite commuter. There’s something to be said for keeping your sense of humor, regardless of your circumstances.

Happy Thanksgiving!