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Contest: Guess what I’m thinking…

29 Jan

I’m testing out the idea of a new contest, called “Guess What I’m Thinking.” Perhaps you guessed that from this post’s title? Then you might just want to play this game, because you’re good at it.

Also: there actually aren’t any prizes, so you just get bragging rights. (I bet I can guess what you’re thinking: No prizes? What kind of contest is this, anyway? The answer is: the awesome kind. Because who doesn’t like to brag?)

So here’s the idea. When I’m feeling lazy, instead of publishing a full post, I’ll just provide a graphic that indicates what I’m thinking of posting. If you guess correctly, it will spare me the agony of writing something up. If you invent something better that what I was thinking of posting, then we’ll all be amused AND it will spare me the agony of writing something up. And if you don’t guess or if your guesses suck, then I’ll share the real explanation and berate you for not playing my reindeer game.

Basically, I’m looking for a short-cut here. Fine, I’ll say it: I’d like to post something without having to actually write anything.

So let’s test this idea out…

This summarizes the post I’m thinking of writing. What’s it going to be about?

Image Source: pithypants 2013