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I suppose it’s still a form of addiction.

17 Mar

Alan and I have been watching “Breaking Bad” on Netflix. If you’re not familiar with the series, the premise is that a high school chemistry teacher – when diagnosed with terminal lung cancer – turns to cooking meth so he can squirrel away a nest egg to support his family after he’s gone. The show is somewhat graphic and has done wonders to educate me on the nuances of meth production and consumption.

Earlier this week I was working from home when I was struck by a somewhat horrifying profound realization: if DEA agents stormed through my door on a weekday, they might mistake me for a meth addict. Working form home may fuel productivity, but for true workaholics, there’s an ugly under-belly that I think most people gloss over…

Five similarities between me working from home and a meth-head:

  1. We both walk around the house in sweatpants and tank tops.
  2. A night’s sleep is 5-6 hours tops, and we stagger from bed to immediately pick up our addiction: theirs a meth pipe, mine a laptop.
  3. If interrogated, we would both struggle to accurately state the last time we actually showered.
  4. A frightening number of Mountain Dew cans are sitting around. (Mine in a recycling bin; theirs in babies’ cribs.)
  5. The only way we know if it’s time to brush our teeth is by feeling to see if the toothbrush is wet.